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Driver's Training, Driver's Education, and Traffic School. We have been helping students get their license since 1990. Whether they are a beginner with no driving experience, or they are an experienced driver just looking for brush up lessons, our California licensed driving instructors will be helping you with your driving and safety needs.

Driver's Education

30hr Online course to learn rules of the road and safe driving. Mainly for ages 15-17 who need their learner's permit

Driver's Training

Behind-the-wheel training for those who have already obtained their learning permit and wish to learn how to drive

Driver's Safety

Programmed designed to help driver’s who have had their license suspended due to poor driving skills obtained their license again.

Traffic School

A person who has received a one point ticket may remove the point by attending traffic school if they

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Call or Email us anytime for any question and information. swiftdrivingschool@yahoo.com 510.839.3819


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Service Area

Swift Driving School serves a variety of counties in the entire Bay Area. Prices vary depending on the location of your county. Call our main office at (510) 839-3819 (24 hours a day) to acquire prices and any other information.